Hello guys, Klownzie here.

I will use a space in this blog to write about different things —translation and editing— so stick around.

A list of topics would come handy, so here it is:

Translator’s script: Most of the scripts translators make are complete garbage. You will understand why with this post.

Should we translate this?: One of the biggest mistakes in the fansubbing community is how they tend to over-translate; no more, I say!

Translator to editor: Communication. Very, very important. An editor must understand what the translator intended to write in each line, and how.

Style: More important than you think. This is a topic for advanced writers, editors, translators. Still, I think is better to know how important this is and how much it will improve your scripts.

Punctuation: Each topic will have its own post.

  1.  Comma.
  2.  Semicolon.
  3.  Ellipsis.
  4.  Quotation Mark.
  5.  Interrobang.
  6.  Dash.

I probably won’t write about the colon or the full stop. If you want me to, just let me know.

Capitalization: Tricky subject for most people.

Grammar: Some simple things to remember. I may do more than one post about this.

The fansubbing community seems to be improving, and hopefully with these posts they can become even a little bit better.

Got any questions? Want me to talk more about a certain topic? Just leave a comment below!

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