Metal Fight Beyblade 103

Well another series gets picked up. I translated this myself so there is going to be some Translation errors but I’m hoping not too bad.  I think an editor that knows more about Beyblade than I do would probably be nice. As for where ZeroPositive and Yuuri-san subs left off at episode 22 I will most likely pick those up as well. This is probably going to be the only episode I will translate so with that being said another translator and translation checker position opens up for Beyblade for the rest of the episodes that weren’t subbed. I was also thinking about picking up Battle Spirits Brave… Should I?

Episode 103 AVI: Torrent|DDL

Episode 103 MKV: Torrent|DDL (probably won’t be done for this release as most likely we will redo this episode)

Jewelpet 02 is still half way translated. KKJ 05 is at timing.

7 thoughts on “Metal Fight Beyblade 103

  1. Hello,
    I would like Metal Fight Beyblade subbed in French. Being single I have not much time to do everything and no one offers to help me, do what you can do without your ass episodes you do, please? =s

  2. AppleBlossoms says:

    Hey, I just came here to say it’s awesome that MFB is getting subbed again. You made my day. You so made my day.
    Thanks a lot.

    Will you do the movie as well? It seems so doubtful that it’ll ever get dubbed, so…

      • AppleBlossoms says:

        This just gave me a little bit of a heart attack here. I’m really glad to hear it !

        I wish I could help in any other way than sitting here and feed you guys virtual cookies, but I’m afraid I’m pretty much useless for fansubs.
        So… all my support and love from afar!

  3. hikarired says:

    Thank you, and finally was translated this anime

    I love this anime much

    Why did not translate from the beginning

    Thank you very much

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