Sengoku☆Paradise Kiwami 01

Epic Cooking

Well, here’s your guy’s 3 minutes of fun. This show has a lot of typesetting for only three minutes x_x And thank you everyone for being patient and waiting for someone to sub this show.  And specials thanks to Klownzie and Triltaison for the TL and to the folks over at Octav@ no Fansubs for letting us translate their Spanish scripts. Also thanks to BF3000 for encoding the avi so fast.

HD: Torrent|DDL
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Here’s some news:

I bought the volumes of Wagamama Fairy Mirumo De Pon up to the ones containing episode 25 and they should get here in the middle of January. I will upload the raws and post them here and on Nyaa. Also, whenever DreGon45 comes on IRC with Blue Dragon S2 13 encoded that will be out and I’m hoping to have him do the HD of this. Jewelpet 02 is at final check. And finally the news that you MFB fans are waiting for: we will be using Yuurisan’s karaoke and as well as HeadlessCow decided to join the ride with us as well. For any of you who actually paid attention to the credits ZeroPositive-Yuurisan put in the opening of MFB you should recognize his name.  So, welcome HeadlessCow joining our crew to bring you MFB as he will be doing the same job for us as he did for ZeroPositive-Yuurisan. And that should be out fairly soon as well.

Metal Fight Beyblade 4D 135

Err… Bet you werent expecting this. This marks the end of the episodes that Saigo translated for us (he is still translating but these are all the episodes we have at the moment). So  you must be thinking: when is 136 coming out? I will give you the answer right now: I don’t know! So please don’t ask because there’s your answer right there.

As for Jewelpet 02 that is at edit. KKJ 08 is ready to go and will be out in a couple of hours. Blue Dragon S2 13 is almost ready to go its at typesetting. Sengoku Paradise 01 is almost ready to go. (if you know spanish please contact us immediately) HUGE THANKS TO Triltaison FOR TRANSLATING IT! Metal Fight Beyblade 23 is coming soon too. I’m currently talking to HeadlessCow from YuurisanSubs and seeing if I can use the karaoke they used on Metal Fight Beyblade  so I can keep the episodes looking the same as possible.  If not, I will recreate the effects as best I can. So I guess we will see how that goes. A lot of releases are on their way soon ^_^

HD: Torrent|DDL
SD: Torrent|DDL

Okay. It seriously warms my heart when people post things on Youtube that we sub but it makes me very sad when the user that uploads them  claims that they subbed them. Please if you are going to upload our subbed videos either don’t say you subbed it or give us credit please. Thank you.

P.S. We are still looking for someone to do Distro and we are still looking for people who know Spanish, Korean, or Japanese.

Metal Fight Beyblade 4D 134

Well here’s another episode of Metal Fight Beyblade 4D. Sorry it took so long. There were some encoding complications. As for Metal Fight Beyblade 23 that will be out after Jewelpet 02 and KKJ 08 Blue Dragon S2 13 will be released about the same time as MFB23 too. DreGon is figuring out how to encode it.  KKJ 08 is having some encoding problems so we will try to figure that out in the meantime. Someone will need to DDL this and seed the torrents. This also goes for Metal Fight Beyblade 4D 133, and all the KKJ episodes. WE NEED SOMEONE WHO CAN DO DISTRO! JUST FOR SEEDING TORRENTS! Also, we need someone who can speak fluent Spanish and English. Come onto IRC ( and tell us if you are going to/are interested in doing distro or know Spanish. I appreciate whoever is seeding the Kigurumikku V3 torrent. Thank you very much ^_^

HD: Torrent|DDL
SD: Torrent|DDL (It is Mp4 and not avi this is the only time that will happen normally the episode will be avi for the SD)


All right. Here’s my whole speal about torrents. I don’t have enough bandwidth to seed all our torrents anymore. I will be providing DDL’s only. I will still post torrents on NyaaTorrents and link them to the posts here but I can’t guarantee that they will be seeded. Therefore, we need someone to seed, or a Distro person. I know sometime last week someone was on irc saying that they could help seed but I was away during that time and when I got back on they were logged off. If you would like to help that would be great. So, I will be posting most of the missing torrents tonight. If someone wants to help seed, that would be a great help and if you wanna come onto irc or shoot me an email and tell me that you are going to help seed that would be a helpful as well. P.M. me and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

Metal Fight Beyblade 4D 134 and KKJ 08 coming out next but there are a few encoding problems that are currently being fixed.

Also, we will be picking up Sengoku Paradise Kiwami, a three minute anime. Thanks to the kindness of Octav@ no Fansub they will be letting us use their Spanish scripts and translate them into English. So, if anyone knows Spanish please also contact us asap. The scripts are about 60-80 lines per episode so it’s not that much compared to a normal episode.

Kigurumikku V3 OVA Episodes 1-3 DVD V2

Big thanks and welcome to DreGon45 our new encoder. All of our future releases will be exactly like this one. I will have torrents out sometime…

HD: Torrent|DDL
SD: Torrent|DDL

As for other things:

Metal Fight Beyblade 23: Zanon send me 23-35 timed and translated and so I’m going to ask Silvrwind to TLC them. If anyone wants to help in translating or translation checking that would be a big help. And 4D 134 is coming sometime too.

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne: 08 is coming out next. 09 is at timing

Jewelpet: 02 is on its way thanks to Bruno753 for that. 03 is at TL whenever  Fownzie has time or if Bruno753 comes and helps again.

Everything else: same as it was before