All right. Here’s my whole speal about torrents. I don’t have enough bandwidth to seed all our torrents anymore. I will be providing DDL’s only. I will still post torrents on NyaaTorrents and link them to the posts here but I can’t guarantee that they will be seeded. Therefore, we need someone to seed, or a Distro person. I know sometime last week someone was on irc saying that they could help seed but I was away during that time and when I got back on they were logged off. If you would like to help that would be great. So, I will be posting most of the missing torrents tonight. If someone wants to help seed, that would be a great help and if you wanna come onto irc or shoot me an email and tell me that you are going to help seed that would be a helpful as well. P.M. me and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

Metal Fight Beyblade 4D 134 and KKJ 08 coming out next but there are a few encoding problems that are currently being fixed.

Also, we will be picking up Sengoku Paradise Kiwami, a three minute anime. Thanks to the kindness of Octav@ no Fansub they will be letting us use their Spanish scripts and translate them into English. So, if anyone knows Spanish please also contact us asap. The scripts are about 60-80 lines per episode so it’s not that much compared to a normal episode.

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