Blue Dragon Tenkai no Shichi Ryuu 13

Well, you people have been nice and patient having to wait over a year for this episode to come 😉 And what’s better? This is in DVD quality 😉  This episode is brought to you us and Fanservice Subs.

The HD is exactly like what Cloudkane did for Freeze-Fanservice back in the day. The SD is simply just an entirely hardsubbed AVI.  As for how it looks, all of the typesetting has been kept the same except I altered some of the colors of the characters to make it a little easier to see. But the karaoke and the typesetting are a little different…

HD: Torrent|DDL
SD: Torrent|DDL

Blue Dragon is one of my favorite series. I seriously can’t believe some other fansub group didn’t pick this show up. If you like Beyblade and haven’t seen Blue Dragon chances are you are probably going to like it. And speaking of MFB 23 is coming soon it’s at encode right now. HD of Sengoku Paradise coming too.

4 thoughts on “Blue Dragon Tenkai no Shichi Ryuu 13

    • Hoshikuzu says:

      Well, all the episodes are timed and translated but as speed its all when Shun and me have time to work on the episodes. Sadly, I dont’t think we have a *release schedule* per say but we’ll try to get them out in a timely manner. And if Shun sends me 14 and I’m working on something else Blue Dragon S2 will take priority.

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