Sengoku☆Paradise Kiwami 02

The forced New Years Resolution

Well, this was out fast wasn’t it. Special thanks to Klownzie for the TL, DreGon for encoding, and of course to the folks over at Octav@ no Fansubs

Update 1/5/12: i just noticed that there was a line that was overlapping some typesetting. Im really sorry about not catching that (I was really tired) and that will be fixed for when we release a batch.

HD: Torrent|DDL
SD: Torrent|DDL

JP 02: Encode
Sengoku 01 HD: Torrent is here DDL is here
Sengoku 02 Torrents: will be out tomorrow out.
KKJ 08 Torrents: Will be out this weekend
KKJ 09: Edit
KKJ 10 & 11: Time
Sengoku 03: TL
MFB 23: Encode

Status update done.

9 thoughts on “Sengoku☆Paradise Kiwami 02

  1. Yuumei says:

    Thanks for doing this! Now I have another 3min anime to watch. XD

    Also, there was a joke this episode.
    当分糖分は禁止です。 (toubun, toubun wa kinshi desu)
    当分 (toubun) = For the next while
    糖分 (toubun) = sugar
    For the next while, sugar is forbidden.
    (which makes much more sense than “So I forbid you, in a temporal manner, the ingest of sugar)
    Then the next line is “Is that a pun?”

    Just wondering if you have a Japanese TLC for this?

    • Hoshikuzu says:

      Unfortunately, no. We have no Japanese TL’s in this group. It would probably make sense if there was translation errors since these are translated from Spanish.

    • Yuumei says:

      Also the next line:
      “The chief of the Tokugawa clan does the same thing”

      He means that he also makes puns/jokes rather than him eating daifuku.

  2. Elwen says:

    Thanks for doing this series! Everything happens so fast and there are so many jokes that this is really hard to watch raw. :/

    One thing I noticed: I think you subbed Sanada’s name wrong when it appears on-screen? Should be Yukimura, not Nobushige.

    • Hoshikuzu says:

      How in the hell did I miss that… Thank you for catching that. Man this release is complete shit. I’m really sorry everyone.

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