Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne DVD Episode 10

All right here’s episode 10… The torrents are probably going pretty slow right now because I’m uploading the DDL’s of 10 to Mediafire so I apologize for that. After the DDL’s get done uploading the XDCC will be next. I’m going to work on getting up a XDCC page this weekend as well. KKJ 09 MKV is on the bot on the channel too (“/MSG Stardust|Kaoru XDCC SEND 1″). The XDCC page is up and running as well. Sengoku 04 is just about ready just needs final checking from Klownzie.  Special thanks to Anime_Daisuki and Piri.

MKV: Torrent|DDL
MKV XDCC:  “/MSG Stardust|Kaoru XDCC SEND 5”
AVI: Torrent|DDL 

So, there was some problems with Mediafire… You aren’t allowed to upload more than 200mb which these files are clearly over. I’m not going to pay money for some special priveilages since we seen how well that went with Megaupload. So, only Sengoku Paradise will be on Mediafire. Everything else will be uploaded to 4shared.com 

Now everyday I will be uploading 1 episode MKV and AVI to 4shared starting with Sengoku(will be Mediafire), KKJ, Jewelpet, MFB, then Kigurumikku until we are all caught up. I’m going to work on getting things on the bot as well.

21 thoughts on “Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne DVD Episode 10

  1. lz says:

    seriously ive been wanting to watch this series forever since i saw it as a kid and was never able to rewatch due to lack of subs

    i love you guys

    • Hoshikuzu says:

      Bakuten shoot hasn’t been started yet but I will be buying the DVDs when we get a TL for that and I do have raws for the movies though.

  2. bluebelle says:

    Hello! I’m very sorry to be a bother, but would anyone be able to seed the avi torrents to episodes 9 and 10? I and a few others have been trying to download these episodes for about a week now (ep. 10 is just at 99.7%). I’ve had BT running day and night hoping to catch a time when someone is seeding, but so far no luck.

    I would gladly help to seed these two episodes for at least a week or two once I’ve got them fully downloaded.

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