Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne DVD Batch 1-10

Seen a comment on Nyaa saying that a batch would be a good idea and I thought it was a good idea as well. These aren’t v2’s they are still v1’s but if there are any mistakes please do point them out so they can be fixed for a final batch/patch.

I’ve been uploading episodes of KKJ to the bot and the Sengoku Paradise Kiwami DDL page has been put back up with updated DDL links. Some of the Metal Fight Beyblade episodes have also been reuploaded. Sengoku 04 is at final encode. Jewelpet 03 is at edit. Sweet Mint 01 is at edit and karaoke.

AVI: Torrent (be out later)
MKV: Torrent

10 thoughts on “Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne DVD Batch 1-10

      • I started all three from Nyaa and they conflict on the pieces that the batch has replaced, but match on the ones I had originally.

        Episode 3 Nyaa ID# 252610
        Hash# 2FA3ACD65CA6D763F7A56909A480DA3F8ECC63E1

        Episode 5 Nyaa ID# 263530
        Hash# A4F7D63AFE25C30E4EFCFC4ADEA457751CD73C4B

        Episode 6 Nyaa ID# 263122
        Hash# FF13A0996FAEF2DD44B54B44F12D0741D2D13141

        These three files don’t match the current batch.

        Episodes 3 & 5 have now been replaced with the batch version and appear to work OK. (I haven’t watched them all the way through). Episode 6 is 36.5% replaced by the new batch, and not being seeded.

    • Hoshikuzu says:

      At any rate, I thank you very much for helping to seed these episodes :))

      I do know that inside one of my 500gb external hard drives the communicator chip broke and it had the KKJ episodes on it but I managed to rip it apart and get the information out of it but I don’t think that would do it…

      But anyway, thank you again for helping to seed. 🙂

  1. Strep2coq says:

    I’ve got 8 and 10 from earlier torrents and their crc’s match those in AniDB. I also got 3,5 and 9 from IRC two days ago and ep9 got matching crc but 3 and 5 doesn’t.

    So.. 3 and 5?

    addendum: I moved 3,5,8,9,10 to my torrenting computer and am now using them (successfully) to seed the batch torrent.

  2. tas says:

    Frame rate is listed as 119.88 something (5 x 23.976), why would that be?
    MX Player Pro (Android) has sync problems, Only VLC seems to play it ok on my computer.

      • tas says:

        Yes it must be something in the raws, I downloaded 13.avi and it’s the same.
        Checking the media info on three different players all show strange frame rates.

        Frame rate mode : Variable
        Frame rate : 119.875 (24/30) fps
        Minimum frame rate : 24 fps
        Maximum frame rate : 30 fps
        Original frame rate : 120.027 fps


        Frame rate : 119.880 fps
        Original frame rate : 120.027 fps


        Frame rate : 119.875329

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