Sengoku☆Paradise Kiwami 04

Really sorry about the delay guys. Special thanks to Klownzie, DreGon45, BF3000, and to Octav@ no Fansubs! I did put in a karaoke effect on the opening and did some restyling and some input would be nice. Also there is going to be a batch of 1-5v2’s with updated typesetting and updated karaoke FX’s.
Little update:
Sweet Mint 01: At edit with Tia and karaoke FX with Tachigami
Sengoku 05: Typesetting
KKJ 11: Timing
Jewelpet 03: Edit with Tia
Blue Dragon 14: Shun just got it to me and I’ll be working on this should we out sometime this week
MFB 24: DVD still hasn’t showed up on Rakuten yet…Although I did manage to grab volume 4 of Battle Bladers Hen on sale 😛

HD: Torrent|DDL|XDCC: /MSG Stardust|Kaoru XDCC SEND 14
SD: Torrent|DDL|XDCC: /MSG Stardust|Kaoru XDCC SEND 15

If you are a typesetter, translator, or a translation checker please visit this post.

10 thoughts on “Sengoku☆Paradise Kiwami 04

    • Hoshikuzu says:

      They are DVD rips but unfortunately most of them have either Russian or Italian audio. As for the other link I’m trying it out now.

    • Hoshikuzu says:

      Sweet Mint is still at karaoke with Tachigami. Its been edited and its all ready to to except karaoke.

      The DVD rips from the Mediafire look okay. DranzerX13 did sent me an email Tuesday night saying he was encoding a workraw sometime? If i dont get it by this weekend i will ask headless if those raws are okay to use.

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