Mahou no Angel Sweet Mint 01

Finally, episode 1 of Sweet Mint. This took way longer than it should have because of karaoke complications.  Special thanks to K0dama, BF3000, and Triltaison. This is the oldest show we have started working on and I’m hoping to get to even older shows in the future or other shows in the 90’s like Medarot and Mushrambo.  This will be the last show we will pick up for now until we get some series done (minus Beyblade Zero-G & Wagamama Fairy Mirumo De Pon and a little surprise movie).  DDL’s will also be out later as I’m testing and playing with some DDL sites and seeing which is the best that offers good speeds. 

MKV:  Torrent|DDL|XDCC: /MSG Stardust|Kaoru XDCC SEND 16
AVI:  Torrent|DDL|XDCC: /MSG Stardust|Kaoru XDCC SEND 17

This is also a reminder that we are recruiting Typesetters. Distro, Translators, and Translation Checkers. Please visit this post for more details.

8 thoughts on “Mahou no Angel Sweet Mint 01

  1. Thank you very much for translating one of my favourite Magical Girl Anime! Once finish setting it up I’ll leave another comment with a link to the episode on YouTube with a link in the video description to this page. this way you can just embed the video and allow people to watch it through youtube rather than having to torrent the translation..

  2. anonymous says:

    What wonderful news. I was surprised, but also ecstatic two days ago when uploaded this rare series at Nyaa, but I had no idea that someone was working on an English translation. You folks are great!

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