Happy Seven Drama CD’s 1-2

Special thanks to Usagi_Tsukino for seeding~

It’s been too long since something’s been released as this is the slow season right now. But anyway,  I managed to pick up the first two volumes of Happy Seven for dirt cheap. Going through the Zero-Raws DVD episodes of Happy Seven I noticed they aren’t very good. So I bought them when I ordered the Mirumo DVDs.  The rest of the DVDs are fairly cheap too,  so when I place my next order I’ll probably pick up the rest of the episodes too.

As for what it says in the Drama CD’s is beyond me. Whether someone wants to translate it or just wants to listen to it is also beyond me. I really didn’t have plans to sub Drama CDs nor do I really know how since they are audio files other than adding videos to the audio. Also, there are animated shorts on the DVDs that I would like to sub when we start Happy Seven(after KKJ is complete it will be our next restoration project: thanks to xXDancingStarlightxX). So, if anyone wants to translate the 2 minute shorts that come with every DVD (there is a total of 7 volumes and I’m guessing on how many shorts there are) that would be nice.

Drama CD Vol. 1: Torrent|DDL
Drama CD Vol. 2: Torrent|DDL

Sweet Mint 02: Edit
Sweet Mint 03-04: TLC
KKJ 11: Edit
KKJ 12: Time
Sengoku 06: Typeset/Sign TL (will be out soon)
Sengoku 07: Typeset (be out this week too)
BDS2 15: Karaoke new ED + Shun check
Mushy OVA: TLC
MFB 24: Encode (be out this week)
Jewelpet 04: TL
Mirumo 01: Karaoke/Edit by Tonde

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