Triple release! Mushrambo 1-3

Special thanks to Kuji, SyaoranSakuraF, Klownzie, and Usagi_Tsukino. Story time will happen later on how this all happened. Mushrambo fans, give a huge thanks to Kuji as she did a huge amount of the work. Torrents and an update will be out when I get home tomorrow. Sleepy time now for me :3

Update 4/22: All DDL links are down due to deleting all the Mushrambo files >_> I don’t know when I’ll be able to reupload these either. I have to upload raws today and .vobs too so it probably won’t be today. I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO USE STARDUST|KAORU ON THE IRC CHANNEL

01 MKV: Torrent|DDL|XDCC: /MSG Stardust|Kaoru XDCC SEND 31
01 AVI: Torrent|DDL|XDCC
02 MKV: Torrent|DDL|XDCC: /MSG Stardust|Kaoru XDCC SEND 29
02 AVI: Torrent|DDL|XDCC
03 MKV: Torrent|DDL|XDCC: /MSG Stardust|Kaoru XDCC SEND 30
03 AVI: Torrent|DDL|XDCC

17 thoughts on “Triple release! Mushrambo 1-3

  1. wuntvor says: tells me that episode 01 was removed by the file owner. I can’t get a DDL of that episode. Episode 02 & 03 worked fine.

      • wuntvor says:

        Nope, still doesn’t work. When I press “Request Download Ticket”, instead of the Captcha message to download the file I get a message saying “file deleted (by the file owner)”. This is for episode 01 only, the other two files worked fine.

  2. FallenPrince says:

    Wow… nice job guys! Finally found mushrambo eng sub, deeply thx N praise from me. Can’t wait for the torrent

    • Ah… My bad. Slipped my mind for the last couple of days… And I’m waiting for Usagi to show up on IRC but he hasn’t showed up all week (hes our seeder) Dx

  3. King of penguin says:

    Thanks for the serie ! been looking for it for quite some time, only raw japanese vids and VA’s even the DVDs arent in japanese :/.

  4. Oh my gosh! Thank you so much! I’ve been looking around for signs of this show since I saw 3 episodes of it on Fox Kids years ago! I can’t wait to watch it. Now, I just need to wait for someone to seed it >.<

  5. Rentoraa says:

    Thank you very, very, much!! I’ve been looking for an eng sub for AGES on this.
    How is the project doing at the moment? Any progress?

    (I am seeding ep 1-5 right now, keep up the good work!)

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