Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne DVD Episode 12

Another episode comes after a month x_X Time passes too fast and we really need to pick up the speed on this.  Anyway, special thanks to Piri for the raw and Anime_Daisuki for the translations and also Techguru, Klownzie, and K-kun.

MKV: Torrent|DDL|XDCC: /MSG Stardust|Kaoru XDCC SEND 36
AVI: Torrent|DDL|XDCC: /MSG Stardust|Kaoru XDCC SEND 37

3 thoughts on “Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne DVD Episode 12

  1. SilverFire says:

    Hmm. This doesn’t work for me, no matter what app I use to play it. It dies just after the scene where the guy’s sword gets knocked out of his hand when he’s walking down the hallway. Even tried converting it to AVI and that dies at the same place. Weird.

  2. mangamuscle says:

    Thanks for doing this series. If you are doing the encoding from the original DVD would it be to dificult to do it in the original resolution (I dunno if it is in 704×480 or 720×480) instead of cropping it to vga (640×480)?

    Thanks in advance

  3. It said that your bot Stardust|Kaoru doesn’t exist then I tried a torrent, it stuck at 46.3% for hours. Please seed it, there’s bunch of us want it. Thanks! 😀

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