Wagamama Fairy Mirumo De Pon 22

Mirumo 22 workraw_001_3272

Wise words from Yashichi

Special thanks to MaiRie Étole, Konnakude, Genichiro, Onion, and LeafyVegetable. Brought to you by us and Tondemonai Fansubs. Batch coming up very soon.

(Torrent) [Nyaa] | DDL [Skydrive] | XDCC: /MSG Stardust|Kaoru XDCC SEND 79

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30 thoughts on “Wagamama Fairy Mirumo De Pon 22

  1. Cham says:

    Wow, I was getting worried because you guys were not updating your sidebar but this is just awesome. I really thank you so much and would definitely give back to the community once I pick up Japanese. Keep being awesome ❤

  2. Benjamin Jr. Gorospe says:

    Thanks very much hehe, btw what do you mean by a batch is coming? Will it be a release of lots of episode in just 1 day?

    • Hah, I wish we could do that. It will be just a batch of episodes 1-22 with episode 17 being a v2 because MaiRie seen that she could translate the character cards that appear during the Fairy Fortune Telling thing before the next episode preview. So 17 will have the card TL’ed and that’s it.

  3. A big thank you for your work ! This is really amazing !
    Would you share the raws with others fansub groups (from other countries) ? That would be really cool 😀
    Of course, if you don’t, it’s ok ^^ Thanks again 😉

  4. Ricchan says:

    Are you guys going to release all 4 seasons?? If yes that’d be FANTASTIC!!! <33333
    Anyway thanks a lot for your hard work I love this series soo much but it was no where to be found (only 8 eps), and yesterday I found out that you guys picked this up and I was .. so freaking HAPPY, aww, thanks again :")

  5. DAMN says:

    Just tried your releases on PS3 Media Server and I’d suggest it’d be cool if you Hardsubbed the Karaoke or release separate versions with Harsubbed Karaoke cuz some of the lyrics show and some of them don’t when tried to be played by external devices in my TV.They work fine on PC though and they’re accurate…but not through my TV’s USB or the PS3 Media Server.Just my 2 cents

  6. LISANA says:

    I translate Mirumo De Pon from English to Arabic !
    I say to all Arabs that wonderful visit your blog
    I’m sorry if this harassing you but I did not steal the rights never ^ ^
    So I wanted to inform you so
    I hope that I’m not done something that doesn’t satisfy you
    And continued the translation of you wonderful!!

  7. Joanne says:

    Guysssss I really hope you finish subbing until episode 172. I really loved this series when I was a kid and I always miss it. More power to your team!

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