Wagamama Fairy Mirumo De Pon 1-24 Batch

Mirumo 24 workraw_001_16901

Special thanks to MaiRie Étoile, Konnakude, Genichiro, Onion, MitSora, and LeafyVegetable. Brought to you by us and Tondemonai Fansubs. The batch was supposed to be out after episode 22 was released but episodes 23 and 24 were almost done so figured might as well throw them into the batch as well. Episode 18 is a v2 in this batch. The script itself wasn’t changed. The only thing that the Fairy Fortune Telling card has been translated and typesetted. Without further ado:

Torrent [Nyaa] | DDL [MEGA]| DDL [Skydrive] | XDCC list here

10 thoughts on “Wagamama Fairy Mirumo De Pon 1-24 Batch

  1. AirAcchiKocchideponjewelpettoradorashugocharapattisiergaukenaliceclannadangelbeats says:

    Ano, I can’t watch it!!!!!!!!!! I’m on Ipad one…where are the episodes…daskete, onegaishimasu! Arigato!

    P.S. Gambatte on anata translation project for minna, neeeeee?!

  2. Hanis says:

    Thank you so much. I just found your site today. I love this series so much. This is one of my childhood memories. First time watching this when I was in grade 2. Time sure flies so fast because I’m 20 now. Thanks for translating. ^^

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