10 thoughts on “Ai to Yuuki no Pig Girl Tonde Buurin 07

  1. If you’re going to translate things at this rate, then please stop. I might as well learn Japanese because that would be quicker than the time it takes you guys to translate this shit.

  2. Yeas says:

    How can you say such thing… People spend their personal time do this …
    I Don’t mind waiting at all…

    Thank you !

  3. akari says:

    are you still working on ai to yuuki no pig girl tonde buurin? i just started watching the anime but its pretty much impossible to find any subbed episodes passed episode 8. And its a really interesting anime to, i understand you might be busy but still.

  4. Aww…it’s been so many years since you last translated an episode of this… ; ;
    Are there any raws of this out somewhere? Coz I might just watch those instead at this rate :c

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