Hello, all. As you may have noticed, we have somewhat hit a huge hiatus. But have no fear! The staff are still working on things behind the scenes. And in these last few months we’ve gained some people. If you want project status updates, check the side bar. And for anyone who cares here are the big points of what’s happened these last few months:

  • HP has joined the team and will be assisting Mai translate Mirumo de Pon
  • Onibaba Saizen has joined the Jewelpet team and will assist us in TLC’ing the scripts.
  • I was helping out Robo for a while with Medarot, but I had to disappear for a few months with no word, and I can’t really find them anymore (._.’)
  • We got a translator to translate Eien no Filena, so we have that all translated, we’ve just got to finish it up with some folks and that’ll be out hopefully soon.

6 thoughts on “Update

  1. Andriani Weinardy says:

    Hi guys, I really love Mirumo and would love to help work on it. Though I cannot speak Japanese, I can help you guys to be a Timer or Typesetter. I sent you an email from 9th May but haven’t got any replies. Please reply if you are somehow interested.

  2. OSK says:

    Yesterday i can watch ore-sama kingdom thanks to your work.i saw you guys are the only one who translate this anime.i search your website to see other episodes.i love this show.Thanks a lot.But i can’t find it in the projects page,please tell me you guys didn’t drop it.
    What’s the status of the ore-sama kingdom?

  3. Rei says:

    Glad to see you back! 😀 Just wondering, what’s the status on your subs for Metal Fight Beyblade? Are you going to continue with those, or have you dropped them for now?

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