We still live!!

Hey guys, I know it’s been awhile since we’ve updated anyone on anything, so here’s a few updates:

Mirumo: The whole team is still kicking, episode 36 is still stuck at edit.We may be looking into hiring another editor if anyone is interested.

Jewelpet: Asked Konnakude since he has taken charge of the project and this was what I got: It’s all TL’ed; Here is the current status: Jewelpet 14@TS/timing fix[Hybrid], 15-38@TLC[Oni], 15+@timing[Hybrid]

Tonde Buurin: I need to touch base with Doll_Licca, but I also talked to Konna and this is the current status: Tonde Buurin 8@Edit[Konna], 9-10@TLC[Doll_Licca], 11@timing[?], TL [Moho]- all done, 12+@encoding[Doll_Licca]

Metal Fight Beyblade: I think I have the next episode ready, it just needs to be encoded…

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne: This has been put on hold, although I got an email from someone saying they wanted to pick it up.

Blue Dragon: I haven’t heard anything from Shun in a long time. I sent him an email, awaiting reply.

Sengoku Paradise/Sweet Mint/Onegai My Melody Kirara/Mushrambo: Stalled since we don’t really have a TL for it…

Kirarin Revolution: I have the raws for this and would absolutely love to do it, although same case as before… no TL..

On another note: As I’ve been looking through emails and reading comments on the site, it seems that our MEGA has gone down and taken down a lot of our DDL links. As of now, I’m hoping to get those back up and running relatively soon. As for the dead torrents, I’m working on configuring a raspberry pi that I bought to act as a torrent slave for me lol.


Hello, all. As you may have noticed, we have somewhat hit a huge hiatus. But have no fear! The staff are still working on things behind the scenes. And in these last few months we’ve gained some people. If you want project status updates, check the side bar. And for anyone who cares here are the big points of what’s happened these last few months:

  • HP has joined the team and will be assisting Mai translate Mirumo de Pon
  • Onibaba Saizen has joined the Jewelpet team and will assist us in TLC’ing the scripts.
  • I was helping out Robo for a while with Medarot, but I had to disappear for a few months with no word, and I can’t really find them anymore (._.’)
  • We got a translator to translate Eien no Filena, so we have that all translated, we’ve just got to finish it up with some folks and that’ll be out hopefully soon.

Happy Seven Drama CD’s 1-2

Special thanks to Usagi_Tsukino for seeding~

It’s been too long since something’s been released as this is the slow season right now. But anyway,  I managed to pick up the first two volumes of Happy Seven for dirt cheap. Going through the Zero-Raws DVD episodes of Happy Seven I noticed they aren’t very good. So I bought them when I ordered the Mirumo DVDs.  The rest of the DVDs are fairly cheap too,  so when I place my next order I’ll probably pick up the rest of the episodes too.

As for what it says in the Drama CD’s is beyond me. Whether someone wants to translate it or just wants to listen to it is also beyond me. I really didn’t have plans to sub Drama CDs nor do I really know how since they are audio files other than adding videos to the audio. Also, there are animated shorts on the DVDs that I would like to sub when we start Happy Seven(after KKJ is complete it will be our next restoration project: thanks to xXDancingStarlightxX). So, if anyone wants to translate the 2 minute shorts that come with every DVD (there is a total of 7 volumes and I’m guessing on how many shorts there are) that would be nice.

Drama CD Vol. 1: Torrent|DDL
Drama CD Vol. 2: Torrent|DDL

Sweet Mint 02: Edit
Sweet Mint 03-04: TLC
KKJ 11: Edit
KKJ 12: Time
Sengoku 06: Typeset/Sign TL (will be out soon)
Sengoku 07: Typeset (be out this week too)
BDS2 15: Karaoke new ED + Shun check
Mushy OVA: TLC
MFB 24: Encode (be out this week)
Jewelpet 04: TL
Mirumo 01: Karaoke/Edit by Tonde

Jewelpet 02

HD: Torrent|DDL

HD XDCC: “/MSG Stardust|Kaoru XDCC SEND 6”

SD: Torrent|DDL

The HD is currently uploading to Fileserve now and I hope to have that out soon. 3 is in the process of TL’ed right now and hopefully it won’t be too much longer before we’ll be able to have that out.  Sengoku 04 is coming next.

Update 1/23/2012:   “All sharing functionality on FileSonic is now disabled. Our service can only be used to upload and retrieve files that you have uploaded personally.” This isn’t with just FileSonic but it’s with FileServe too. So now what? I’m at a loss. What site do you guys want for DDL services? Comment below with your suggestions.

Update: 1/24/2012: We will be switching DDL services with wupload.com as they are fairly similar to Fileserve and they are located in Hong Kong so I think it will be okay. But just in case it does get pulled off I’m going to wait until Febuary 1st to start uploading things there. I may upload to Mediafire or other sites as well but it’s hard to say as of right now. Also, the Direct Downloads page has been taken off for now and will be back up when everything is finalized.

Update 2/2/2012: Okay so it seems that Wupload has also took down it’s sharing features.  We are just going to wing it and when something is ready to release then I’m just going to upload it to whatever site is available. Sengoku 04 and KKJ 10 are both at encode and will be out soon. Sweet Mint 01 is about ready to come out too but I’m karaoking the songs at the moment.

Happy New Years from Stardust!

Sorry, this is a little late :p
This year Stardust introduced itself to the world of fansubbing and we had a few mishaps and a few mistakes here and there and we grew quite a bit from only having one person to the entire staff that is listed here now. It’s so hard to believe it’s almost been a half a year since the group started and I would like to thank everyone for putting so much work into this group and I hope everything will continue. And of course I hope everyone will keep watching and enjoying our releases. I hope with 2012 here that we can get a major portion of the projects we have going now completed and maybe even start a few of the planned projects. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays! Happy New Years ^_^

With that being said, we need a TL for Jewelpet… If you know japanese, italian, or spanish please contact us asap as I have no clue what happened to Fownzie.

Sengoku☆Paradise Kiwami 01

Epic Cooking

Well, here’s your guy’s 3 minutes of fun. This show has a lot of typesetting for only three minutes x_x And thank you everyone for being patient and waiting for someone to sub this show.  And specials thanks to Klownzie and Triltaison for the TL and to the folks over at Octav@ no Fansubs for letting us translate their Spanish scripts. Also thanks to BF3000 for encoding the avi so fast.

HD: Torrent|DDL
SD: Torrent|DDL

Here’s some news:

I bought the volumes of Wagamama Fairy Mirumo De Pon up to the ones containing episode 25 and they should get here in the middle of January. I will upload the raws and post them here and on Nyaa. Also, whenever DreGon45 comes on IRC with Blue Dragon S2 13 encoded that will be out and I’m hoping to have him do the HD of this. Jewelpet 02 is at final check. And finally the news that you MFB fans are waiting for: we will be using Yuurisan’s karaoke and as well as HeadlessCow decided to join the ride with us as well. For any of you who actually paid attention to the credits ZeroPositive-Yuurisan put in the opening of MFB you should recognize his name.  So, welcome HeadlessCow joining our crew to bring you MFB as he will be doing the same job for us as he did for ZeroPositive-Yuurisan. And that should be out fairly soon as well.