Wagamama Fairy Mirumo De Pon 1-24 Batch

Mirumo 24 workraw_001_16901

Special thanks to MaiRie Étoile, Konnakude, Genichiro, Onion, MitSora, and LeafyVegetable. Brought to you by us and Tondemonai Fansubs. The batch was supposed to be out after episode 22 was released but episodes 23 and 24 were almost done so figured might as well throw them into the batch as well. Episode 18 is a v2 in this batch. The script itself wasn’t changed. The only thing that the Fairy Fortune Telling card has been translated and typesetted. Without further ado:

Torrent [Nyaa] | DDL [MEGA]| DDL [Skydrive] | XDCC list here

Wagamama Fairy Mirumo De Pon 1-10!

Give a huge, HUGE thanks to MaiRie Étole for being the TL for this series. Also huge thanks to LeafyVegetable for basically being the project coordinator and helping everyone keep track of everything. Also thanks to Genichiro, Onion, Arte, and Amaranthea from Tondemonai for making this project possible. This project is a joint with the folks over at Tondemonai so make sure to stop by them and thank them for all the effort they did and will put into this project.

Other projects are well… *coughs* moving along.

EDIT: EPISODE 2 NEEDS A V2. The episode itself is fine but the opening and ending are messed up. A V2 will be out tomorrow.


Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne DVD Batch 1-10

Seen a comment on Nyaa saying that a batch would be a good idea and I thought it was a good idea as well. These aren’t v2’s they are still v1’s but if there are any mistakes please do point them out so they can be fixed for a final batch/patch.

I’ve been uploading episodes of KKJ to the bot and the Sengoku Paradise Kiwami DDL page has been put back up with updated DDL links. Some of the Metal Fight Beyblade episodes have also been reuploaded. Sengoku 04 is at final encode. Jewelpet 03 is at edit. Sweet Mint 01 is at edit and karaoke.

AVI: Torrent (be out later)
MKV: Torrent