Jewelpet 04


We welcome the new year with releasing Jewelpet 04 and therefore unstalling the series! Give a warm welcome and a huge thanks to Ninja, who has been working very hard and already has up to 9 translated! Also, special thanks to BF3000 and Klownzie.

Also, this is a reminder that we are looking for a new encoder to help us get releases out faster.

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Jewelpet 03

Sorry for the wait, was a little busy this week. But we are breaking new ice now 🙂 Special thanks to AJ and Amarao from Critter-Subs, please stop by and say thanks to them as Amarao’s translation was used for this episode (with permission of course). Also special thanks to BF3000, Triltaison, & Klownzie. Torrents will be uploaded tomorrow as well as Sengoku 05 v2’s torrent. 

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