Translator Needed For Metal Fight Beyblade & Kirarin Revolution

As of now, we only have up to episode 35 translated. 23-35 were from translators that Zanon of ZeroPositive had (big thanks to all of them for making this possible). After we release episode 35, we’re completely on our own to provide our own translations for the show.  We are recruiting a fluent Japanese -> English. Stop by IRC, email, comment, do whatever you need to get into touch with us.

Kirari is all rested up now and is ready to have her show start being subbed again!

Kirari is all rested up now and is ready to have her show start being subbed again!

*coughs* Well, sadly enough it seems that this needs to be put up again. The person that came by seemed to have disappeared. I tried to find ’em but no luck. So if anyone is interested, Kirari now needs a translator to finish up the series where Twilight-Paradise left off. Many thanks~

Metal Fight Beyblade 25

Special thanks to BF3000. Also special thanks to Zanon & LZ from ZeroPositive/Yuurisansubs

Torrent|DDL|XDCC: /MSG Stardust|Kaoru XDCC SEND 34

Update: 4/29: Well, there’s a productive weekend right there. Anyway, gotta say a quick few things. For  the next 2 weeks I will be busy Monday-Thursday due to finals and I will have no access to fansubbing materials whatsoever. A ton of work was done this weekend as well. Also, please remember that the project status is now listed on the side.

Metal Fight Beyblade 24


Special thanks to BF3000 for encoding. Also special thanks to Zanon & Bakakaba’!! from ZeroPositive/Yuurisansubs
TV episodes will be used here on out till we get to episode 36. Expect an episode a week until we get to 35.  If by chance DVDs do show up, I’ll get them and the episodes will be redone but after waiting three months and the first DVD of Hen now even showing up on Rakuten means it has very slim chances.

Torrent|DDL|XDCC: /MSG Stardust|Kaoru XDCC SEND 25

Edit: DDL will be updated to after the torrent gets going.