Go ahead and feel free to post questions in the comments.

We are from X group and we want to use your X scripts so we can translate them to X language
Come and talk to Hoshikuzu on IRC or email us.

Who are you guys?
Well, we are Stardust Fansubs which “stardust” is basically a mass of distant stars appearing as tiny particles of dust.

I went on Anidb and looked up your guys name and found 2 Stardust Fansubs. Are you releated to them?
No, we honestly didn’t even know that there was another group that was already named Stardust Fansubs. But they only had 1 release and haven’t been active since 2006.

Why was this group formed?
Because good shows weren’t getting subbed.

Can we use your scripts for X reason?
I myself or any of the staff will not give you our scripts unless its for a valid reason (translating english into another language). They are in the MKV and can easily be demuxed. But I don’t appreciate our scripts being re-encoded in the same or different video with a different group name. If you have time to steal scripts then you have time to translate, time, edit, encode, and quality check them.

When is X episode of X show coming out?
The people in this group work on scripts on their free time. Please respect that and don’t ask them to hurry.

Why don’t you guys release in Hi10P?
Hi10P is still new so a lot of things aren’t compatiable with Hi10P right now but we will eventually(probably spring-summer time 2012 we will switch) so don’t worry. ^_^

Why are you so slow?
Because we work on things on our free time.

Can we do a joint??
Depends. If the show you want to do has an interest to us then probably.

One of your links is broken. Will you fix it?
Tell us and we’ll try to fix it asap. Email, irc, or post a comment saying that the link is broken.

I would love to help you guys but I don’t know anything about fansubbing.
We welcome people who want to learn. Encoding is probably something we won’t teach so you will have to teach yourself from reading guides. Any other position I, Hoshikuzu will gladly teach/help you learn.

I’m having problems playing your releases, how can I fix it?

Download the CCCP codec pack. Also make sure you read the FAQ, especially the installation instructions. If you run into trouble, ask on the CCCP forums or in the CCCP chat.

I’m on Linux/BSD/Mac/Solaris/something else, what do I do?
Get MPlayer.

Will VLC work?
We don’t recommend it.

I found a mistake in your work!
Please leave a comment, email, or come onto irc and say so politely.

I don’t like your typesetting, font, or colors you guys pick!
Then download the mkv and change the script how you like it but the typesetting is hardsubbed so you won’t be able to change that so I guess you’re outta luck.

What is your fansubbing process?
(assuming you have the raw already)time, translate, translation check(if we have one), edit, encode, quality check, then finally release.

What programs do you use for fansubbing?
Aegisub and Megui

Why do you fansub?
Why not?

I want to join! But how do I?
Fantastic! Email, leave a comment, or P.M. any of the staff preferrably me, Hoshikuzu. I’m normally on 3:30 to 10:30 GMT -5 (During weekdays) I’m mostly active when I get home and at night so if I don’t respond right away I will so please be patient.  And if you leave me a message and I don’t respond and you have to get offline please leave me an email so I can get into contact with you.

Why do you translate from Spanish and other languages and not Japanese?
Believe me, we would if we had Japanese TLs. Even if we had a Japanese TLC we would probably still have other language translators because there isn’t a lot of people interested in translating the old shows anymore.

4 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. josh says:

    hello i’m a fan of the blue dragon series just started with the second season haha and i just wanted to say thanks for bringing us all these episodes.

  2. Chie says:

    Please continue subbing Mirumo de pon TT-TT
    It’s selfish of me I’m sorry even if I know only a few likes it but it is my favorite anime

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