Blue Dragon Tenkai no Shichi Ryuu

Plot Summary: After the events of the Blue Dragon series, Shu and Bouquet join a resistance group to fight General Rogi’s army of invasion. They encounter a mysterious child, Noi, who has the power to revive Shu’s shadow counter-part Blue Dragon, and save her from the pursuit of a red dragon. Now Shu and his company have to set foot once again on a journey to discover the purpose of the dragons, undergo their tests and stop the chains of events which threatens the fate of humanity.:

1-12: Done by Freeze-Fanservice

This is a joint with Fanservice and Migoto Fansubs

4 thoughts on “Blue Dragon Tenkai no Shichi Ryuu

  1. nfst says:

    Hi… please can help me…?
    I´m tired of searching on the net for all the episodes Blue Dragon of your fansub but can not get the first episodes!
    Please, I would love to know if you can not return to share the first episodes of Blue Dragon, please i was greatly indebted!?

    Thanks and respects

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