Hoshikuzu: Founder, Karaoke, Timer, Editor, Quality Check, basically everything except translation. Also find me helping HOTBLOOD & Licca Fansubs
Kanji123: Bot Host
Konnakude: Hails from Saitei; Editor; Ropes Letias and MitSora to TLC stuff for us lol
Kazusa: Typesetter, Banner maker
Valvatorez: Encoder
BF3000: Godly Encoder
LeafyVegetable: Editor, Quality Checker
Techguru: Timer
Klownzie: Editor, Quality Checker, Translator
Exode:  Newest translator that actually sticks around
Ninja: Dedicated Translator
MaiRie: Translator
KOdama: Translator
Letias: Hail’s from Saitei; TLC’s random shit for us
MitSora: Hails from Saitei; Godly song translator; TLC’s random shit for us
Doll_Licca: Hails from Licca Fansubs. Helps with small translation favors.
Shunrai: TLC, from Fanservice Subs


EssanceoftheDark: Beyblade’s future editor
Fownzie: Translator
DreGon45: Encoder
Tachigami: Karaoker, Typesetter?
Triltaison: Editor, Seeder
HeadlessCow: Encoder
Usagi_Tsukino: Distro, Stardust’s godly seeder~
Zanon: Timer
Brood: Translator
Kuji: Translator
SyaoranSakuraF: Translator
Saigo: Translator for Beyblade 4D
DranzerX13: Raw provider, helper with Beyblade series
Piri: Provided KKJ DVD raws
Nemet: TLC
Cesm Cesm: Encoder
Connie: Translator
Jadon: Raw. Provider (Sukkiri)

So, here is the team bringing you the subbed anime here at Stardust Fansubs. We are always looking to grow. Wanna join?  Email us at stardustfansubs[at]gmail[dot]com or come and chat with us at #stardust @

5 thoughts on “Staff

  1. BL says:

    Thank you so much for completing the season two of Blue Dragon. I hate it when you follow an anime and it gets drop with no notice.

  2. John Lawrence says:

    No News about Mirmo de Pon since May 3rd. Last update on Tondemonai Fansubs 9/23/2013 (Episode 25) . Would you comment on status, please? Thank you.

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