We are Stardust Fansubs. We are a group that started in July 2011 so we are a fairly new group. Stardust’s philosophy in fansubbing is subbing shows that have never been subbed/shows that were dropped by other groups and never been picked up by other groups. “We believe that subbing is about bringing anime to the world, and not about killing each other to get more hits, pouncing on popular shows that will get subbed anyway” (Leafy).  We will not sub shows that have been subbed by other groups already unless the subs aren’t in English.

We don’t get paid for doing this. We do this on our own free time which means that things get released when we have time to work on them.

We will ALWAYS be free and NEVER ask for money.


Timers: We are somewhat different with the way we time. We actually time the episode before it’s translated so it takes less time for the episode to be translated. We are willing to teach timers. But it takes A LOT of time so be willing to commit. Also before beginning it would help to download Aegisub (program used for subbing) that would be a big help.

Translator: Need to be fluent in Japanese and English (For a couple projects you can be fluent in Spanish, Chinese, Italian,  Korean, and some other languages). You will be asked to translate an episode of the show that you will be working on as a test.

Translation Checker: Need to be fluent in Japanese to English. Short test will be given.

You will help in the distribution of our releases through Bittorrent, XDCC bot, direct download.

Editor: Be able to spot anything wrong.  Issues like spelling errors, grammar issues, consistency issues, etc.

Typesetters: Must know how to select good fonts and styles for any show that’s being done. Change size, shape, and colors if necessary.

Quality Checkers:
Just like an editor, a good knowledge of the English language is a requirement. You should also to be able to spot if the lines, typesetting, audio, video (a.k.a. encoding) are done correctly. The more Japanese you know, the better. If the translator missed a word from the dialogue, you’re the final person responsible in correcting it. You’ll be the final line in checking the script, so a good eye for details is very important.

Karaoke Effects: Puttinging effects on the opening and ending songs. This includes insert songs in the shows if needed. K-xfers are a major plus. Also if you know how to use a lua script, that’s even better.

Raw Provider: Provide us with high quality raws if you can. If you can’t do that, just try to make them decent enough to work with. We’ll be happy with that. We prefer .ts/DVD/Blu-ray on all of our projects.

Contact: stardustfansubs@gmail.com or come chat with us at #stardust @ irc.rizon.net

32 thoughts on “About/Recruitment

  1. If you want, I can be a timer and/or editor for you. Only problem is that I’m busy with my own fansubbing group.
    I will have more time for editing rather than timing. I could time the themes (not, no doing karaoke, just basic karaoke). Whatever will work, I guess.

  2. iridescent says:

    “Editor: Be able to spot anything wrong. Spelling errors, grammer issues, timing issues. etc.”
    lol /grammar/ ^^;

    • Hoshikuzu says:

      Well, you download files via DDL or download them through torrents and seed them. And if you want to learn how to typeset I can get you some good tutorials that I learned from if you would like.

  3. I’m sorry but I have to decline the typesetting job for I suddenly got a new job and I may not have enough time to do anyhting fansub related. I’m sorry again. I REALLY did wanted to do it. (LOVES Jewelpet and Sweet Mint)

  4. Ayame says:

    I will love to be the type setter 🙂 I have a bit of experience but I’m great with size font color shape …

  5. If you still need distros by the end of the Spring lineup, then let me know, I’m busy with my own fansub group right now, but I’d be happy to help (I have unlimited internet and am online most days)

    • Any help with distro would be appreciated A LOT. I’m still trying to reupload files while trying to upload raws and .vobs for shows xP But as of now we only have Usagi_Tsukino that helps seed torrents here and there. CureGecko helps seed Jewelpet too.

  6. gingaXginga says:

    Hi! I can be the translater for MFbeyblade 4D! actrally I only know a little bit of japanese, but I know chinese, and the chinese MFBB has almost finish already, so I can translate from chinese to english~but only for the episodes which were already relised in chinese.
    here are two 4D episodes I already translated from chinese:

  7. Exode says:

    Hi, I would like to apply for the translator position (if it’s still available). I’m a native English speaker but I don’t pass with flying colours. My Japanese is so-so, I can’t read or write but I can understand about 90% of raw version animes.

  8. I’d love to help out. I’ve got a lot of spare time and I have tried subbing music video’s a few year before. Not translate, my knowledge of the Japanese language is… pretty basic.

  9. Hi, I would like to help out, unfortunatly, I do not know Japanese well enough to translate, but I can do editing and some quality checking!
    I do that for my own fan sub group.

    So, tell me if you want me to help out!

  10. Heeey … I wanted to ask when is the next Ep of De pon will be out ? also i wanted to ask why dun u guyz translate anime “Chibi Maruko-Chan” ? Its a pretty nice anime and its classic as u guyz like .. it would be nice if u translated dat

    • The next ep of Mirumo is taking so long because there is a new opening and ending and we’re trying to prepare karaoke and translations for it. The episode itself hasn’t been translated yet either. So it’s gonna be at least another week.

  11. SMA says:

    Hi, I was actually looking into doing some translation work for you guys. I certainly don’t agree my Japanese is ‘great’, but I get by on Skype talking to my Japanese high school friends. I’m off to Japan in 2 days for a 1 month homestay, so I guess I’ll have a more confident view of my skills once I return…

  12. tenkenX6 says:

    Hello there. This is tenkenX6 from Live-eviL. If you guys ever need addition TLC help, I’m willing to help out. I can’t do actual TLs because I’m already really busy with stuff at Live-eviL and real life stuff(mainly, work). I know this sounds pretty lame but it’s the truth. However, I don’t mind helping checking TLs that need a second opinion and etc. Feel free to contact me at either hironothero[at]gmail.com or message me on rizon at tenkenX6, if you’re ever interested.

  13. Hi! I’m wondering if you still need help in timing? Though I actually want to specifically volunteer for Wagamama Fairy Mirumo de Pon. I thought I should offer help if I’m so excited about it. I have quite some time as I now have less subjects to take in the university. I know how to use Aegisub since I helped someone time for some episodes of a Jdrama before. 🙂

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