Help Wanted

As many of you know, it’s been awhile since we’ve been active and since reviving, I have either not been able to get in contact with former group members, or they are no longer in the fansubbing scene. Since this is the case, many of our projects are on hold.

Below are the following roles that are open:

Mushrambo (5/32 already completed, also OVA 2 is only about 50% TL’d):
TL is needed. Can either be Japanese -> English or French -> English.

Ore-sama Kingdom (2/14 already completed, 3-4 TL’d need to be released):
TL is needed. Can either be Japanese -> English or Portuguese -> English.

Metal Fight Beyblade (30/51 already completed S1):
TL is needed. Japanese -> English.

Jewelpet (13/52 already completed, 14-15 are already TL’d):
TL is needed. Japanese -> English.

Editor. Need to be fluent in English.

Tonde Buurin (7/51 already completed):
Editor needed. Maybe QC.
Timer needed.

Onegai My Melody Kirara or Sukkiri (3/51 already completed):
TL is needed. Japanese -> English.
I would maybe consider doing Sukkiri if a TL comes that wants to since I don’t think Eggplant will be completing that.

More roles like editors, qc’ers, timers, etc might open up in the future if more TL’s join, but as of now, none of those roles are open since we don’t have any scripts to edit, qc, time, etc without translators 🙂

The Discord server is the best way to get ahold of me or other staff members, otherwise email, IRC, facebook, most are checked, just not as often.

– Hoshikuzu

Jewelpet 14v2

Jewelpet Episode 14v2 which has some color space, aspect ratio, and resolution fixes of the encode. There were a few other fixes like mainly TS fixes to match the colors of the new encode.

Big, big, big thanks to First Timer Riven and Hybrid for taking charge on fixing the TS for this episode since I was out. Also big thanks to Valvatorez and everyone else who aided in the efforts for fixing the encode too! The Jewelpet DVDs provided a few encoding challenges.
Special thanks to Ninja, Oni, Hybrid, Valvatorez, and Whippu and André from Paradise who are continuing to help us out on the effort!
Join our discord and come say hi: !

Tonde Buurin 8

Tonde Buurin - Episode 08 (Work raw)_001_20406.png

Surprise! Here’s some Tonde Buurin for y’all. Special thanks for Dolly from Licca Fansubs for still providing raws/encodes. Also big thanks to Liisachan, Winston, and Konnakude, who we are welcoming back to the group for TB! Hopefully everyone is safe out there and doing well.


JP 14 any day now and Ore-King 7 should be coming shortly too.